Bomb Cosmetics Twinkle Star Bath Blaster


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Bomb Cosmetics Twinkle Star Bath Blaster

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Bomb Cosmetics Twinkle Star Bath Bomb is a citrus scented bath time treat, set to lift you into another realm… Sandalwood & Cedarwood essential oils restore your soul, spirit & skin whilst Cocoa and Shea Butter deeply nourish. Completely cruelty-free & handmade.

All Bomb Cosmetics bombs are made of natural ingredients and are gentle even for sensitive skin. In addition, baking soda perfectly softens the water. The ball was made by hand. Not tested on animals. The product contains oil from sandalwood and cedar. It has the aroma of macadamia nuts roasted with honey , which warms and wraps.

  • Bath ball.
  • It contains baking soda, which softens water.
  • Perfectly warms and wraps.
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

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